Business Property Maintenance – 4 Quick Tips

Business property maintenance is different from maintaining and looking after a house. And that’s because the purposes of the two kinds of building are different.

A home is for comfort and relaxation. It’s there as a refuge from the outside world, where you can unwind after a stressful day. It’s a place for the family, and even if you entertain you really only have to keep major problems at bay in order to have a desirable residence.

It’s all subjective. But with business properties it’s very much objective. All kinds of visitors have to be catered for and satisfied, and on top of that there are usually laws, rules and regulations to be observed affecting the health and safety of all who work in or visit the building.

So if you are responsible for the maintenance of a business property here are four quick tips.

1. Cleanliness is vitally important in business property. If the property looks dilapidated and uncared for then it puts visitors off, and can adversely affect the businesses occupying the property. Never cut corners on cleaning and redecorating. There’s nothing like freshly decorated rooms to make visitors feel welcomed and workers feel appreciated.

In particular, unpleasant smells, such as of mould or dampness, should be dealt with, along with the underlying causes, immediately. If left unchecked they can have a devastating effect on all businesses in the building. Often the only real problem is a lack of ventilation, so make sure all windows are in working order and any ventilation shafts unblocked.

2. Business properties often have flat roofs. If this applies to you, arrange to have it inspected every couple of years at least. If rain seeps into an office building there’s more than just comfort and convenience at risk. If the electricity supply is affected whole businesses can grind to a halt, with all the resulting consequences of loss of business and profits. And in any event employees cannot be expected to work in conditions of damp or damp related damage, or where the air conditioning has failed.

3. Depending on the size of the building it can be cheaper to employ a full time caretaker to keep the place freshly decorated, clean and cared for, than to continually engage building and decorating contractors to put right defects as and when they arise.

4. Keep the outside and entrance ways fresh and clean. There’s nothing to put people off a business building they are visiting more than to have to contend with dirty, neglected exteriors and entrances. These should be checked every morning before everyone opens for business.

In particular, litter should be swept away and all door handles and glass work polished. Any defective lighting should be dealt with so that the whole area is bright and welcoming.

This is especially important where any of the units in the building are used for the sale or consumption by the public of food. Dirt and litter attract rats and mice, with all the disease associated with those rodents. Public Health Authorities have the power to shut down food shops and restaurants shown to have rodent infestation, leading to the failure of the businesses running them.